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Onpuya Look up a music classroom, a musical instruments store in the area.The guidance of the secondhand instrument, information such as an announcement meeting, an event, a sale insert instrument transportation, too. As for the one that it has a classroom, a musical instruments store managed, by all means, registration.It links with the one which has a homepage.

Misotanekun In such cases as the group "befu-ukai" of three songs of Japanese music of the shamisen which Sou with the shakuhachi, the meeting of Osaka child culture, the area information of Hokusetsu.

Otowaya of the shamisen About the guidance of the same store in Nagoya City, the guidance of the local announcement meeting, the shamisen, in such cases as Q&A.

Mine musical instruments store The goods that the only Japanese music vessel Japanese dancing article specialty store Japanese harp shamisen dance fan is related to the Japanese dancing specially in Saga Prefecture are completed in each goods Toyotomi.

Kineya Tokuei In such cases as the picture taken with the activities record of the Nagauta ・ kinetokuha head of school, a schedule, the taste.

The Japanese music vessel specialty store "Umeya" of NaniwaUmeya is a Japanese music homepage to deliver.Introduce a variety of the Japanese music vessel which makes a shamisen the beginning, the movement of the Japanese music world which surrounds it, and so on.

Fukusima河沼郡柳津町 They are the storekeeper of Kaneko Japanese music vessel store, the birthplace of the Kaneko Seiji, and it is the place of production of the paulownia (Aizu paulownia). The material of this circumference is being used for the Japanese harp of our store.